English homework

The Lion and the Frog (retold by Brothers Grimm)
Once upon a time there was a king and a queen and they had a son and a daughter loving each other very much. The prince was going hunting very often and stayed in the forest for a long time, but one time he did not come back home. His sister was crying so badly that she could not take it anymore and decided to go out in the forest to look for her brother. After an extremely long journey through the forest she was very tired and looked around and noticed that a lion was next to her. He was very polite to her and she climbed on top of his back and they carried on their journey. After a while they came to a beautiful garden. Everything there was awesome and the sun was shining bright, in the middle was a gorgeous palace. The lion spoke to the princess for the first time: «In this palace you should live but you will be my servant and you will do whatever I say. Otherwise you will never see your brother again. «From then on the princess would serve the lion and fulfilled all his wishes. Once when she was walking in the beautiful garden of the palace she noticed a pond. In the middle there was a little island and on top of it a tent. Underneath the tent she noticed a little frog. The frog turned around and spoke to her: «Why are you so sad?» «Oh», she said, and told him her torment. The frog replied very friendly: «If you need anything you just speak to me and I will help you anytime and anywhere.» One day the lion told her: «Tonight I would like to eat a mosquito pie. You have to prepare it, but it must be tasty. «The princess thought, where should I get all these things? It is nearly impossible. She then ran outside and told the frog her sorrow. The frog replied, do not worry I will bring you a mosquito pie. He then sat down and opened his mouth wide, once to the left and once to the right and caught as many mosquitoes as possible. After that the frog jumped up and down and collected wood shavings and made a fire. As the fire was burning, he made dough for the pie and put it over the fire. He replied to the girl, you only get the pie if you promise me that you will chop off the lions head as soon as he asleep. «No way», she said, «I never will do that as the lion was always good to me.» The frog answered: «if you do not do that, you will never see your brother again and you do not harm the lion either. «She took all her courage, took the pie and gave it to the lion. «The pie looks very good» commented the lion, sniffed on it and ate it all. As the lion was sleeping the girl pulled out a sword, closed her eyes and took off his head with one blow. As she opened her eyes again, the lion had disappeared and next to her stood her brother. He kissed her and spoke: «You unburdened me from the spell because I was the lion until a girl’s hand will chop off my head out of love.» After that they went together in the garden and wanted to thank the frog for his advice. As they arrived, they saw the frog franticly jumping around looking for wood shavings to make a new fire. As it was burning bright he himself jumped inside. Out of the fire came a beautiful girl, as well she had under a curse as well. All three returned to the castle and the prince and the beautiful girl got married. It was an awesome celebration with lots of food and drinks and nobody went home hungry. And if they are not dead they will still eating and drinking.

The Elephant & the Butterfly by EE Cummings

Once upon a time there was an elephant who did nothing all day.
He lived by himself in a little house away at the very top of a curling road.
From the elephant’s house, this curling road went twisting away down until it found itself in a green valley where there was another little house, in which a butterfly lived.
One day the elephant was sitting in his little house and looking out of his window doing nothing (and feeling very happy because that was what he liked most to do) when along this curling road he saw somebody coming up and up toward his little house; and he opened his eyes wide, and felt very much surprised. «Whoever is that person who’s coming up along and along the curling road toward my little house?» The elephant said to himself.
And pretty soon he saw that it was a butterfly who was fluttering along the curling road ever so happily; and the elephant said: «My goodness, I wonder if he’s coming to call on me?» As the butterfly came nearer and nearer, the elephant felt more and more excited inside of himself. Up the steps of the little house came the butterfly and he knocked very gently on the door with his wing. «Is anyone inside?» He asked.
The elephant was ever so pleased, but he waited.
Then the butterfly knocked again with his wing, a little louder but still very gently, and said: «Does anyone live here, please?»
Still the elephant never said anything because he was too happy to speak.
A third time the butterfly knocked, this time quite loudly, and aksed: «Is anyone at home?» And this time the elephant said in a trembling voice: «I am.» The butterfly peeped in at the door and said: «Who are you, that live in this little house «and the elephant peeped out at him and answered:»? I’m the elephant who does nothing all day «» Oh, «said the butterfly,» and may I come in? «. «Please do,» the elephant said with a smile, because he was very happy. So the butterfly just pushed the little door open with his wing and came in.
Once upon a time there were seven trees which lived beside the curling road. And when the butterfly pushed the door with his wing and came into the elephant’s little house, one of the trees said to one of the trees: «I think it’s going to rain soon.»
«The curling road will be all wet and will smell beautifully,» said another tree to another tree.
Then a different tree said to a different tree: «How lucky for the butterfly that he’s safely inside the elephant’s little house, because he will not mind the rain.»
But the littlest tree said: «I feel the rain already,» and sure enough, while the butterfly and the elephant were talking in the elephant’s little house away at the top of the curling road, the rain simply began falling gently everywhere; and the butterfly and the elephant looked out of the window together and they felt ever so safe and flad, while the curling road became all wet and began to smell beautifully just as the third tree had said.
Pretty soon it stopped raining and the elephant put his arm very gently around the little butterfly and said: «Do you love me a little?»
And the butterfly smiled and said: «No, I love you very much.»
Then the elephant said: «I’m so happy, I think we ought to go for a walk together you and I: for now the rain has stopped and the curling road smells beautifully.»
The butterfly said: «Yes, but where shall you and I go?»
«Let’s go away down and down the curling road where I’ve never been,» the elephant said to the little butterfly. And the butterfly smiled and said: «I’d love to go with you all the way down and down the curling road-let’s go out the little door of your house and down the steps together-shall we?»
So they came out together and the elephant’s arm was very gently around the butterfly. Then the littlest tree said to his six friends: «I believe the butterfly loves the elephant as much as the elephant loves the butterfly, and that makes me very happy, for they’ll love each other always.»
Down and down the curling road walked the elephant and the butterfly.
The sun was shining beautifully after the rain.
The curling road smelled beautifully of flowers.
A bird began to sing in a bush, and all the clouds went away out of the sky and it was Spring everywhere.
When they came to the butterfly’s house, which was down in the green valley which had never been so green, the elephant said: «Is this where you live?»
And the butterfly said: «Yes, this is where I live.»
«May I come into your house?» Said the elephant.
«Yes,» said the butterfly. So the elephant just pushed the door gently with his trunk and they came into the butterfly’s house. And then the elephant kissed the butterfly very gently and the butterfly said: «Why did not you ever before come down into the valley where I live?» And the elephant answered, «Because I did nothing all day. But now that I know where you live, I’m coming down the curling road to see you every day, if I may-and may I come «Then the butterfly kissed the elephant and said:»? I love you, so please do . »
And every day after this the elephant would come down the curling road which smelled so beautifully (past the seven trees and the bird singing in the bush) to visit is little friend the butterfly.
And they loved each other always.

The Duke and the Farmer

The Duke of the Wellington owned a large estate in Berkshire. Berkshire is a very beautiful part of England . A His estate to the Next WAS a-farm Surrounded by fields . The Duke wanted to buy this farm andHe said to his agent.
«Go and see Farmer Jackson. Try to buy this farm for me. »
Weeks later the Some agent CAME to see the Duke .
«I have bought this farm for you.» He said.
«How much did you pay?» Asked the Duke.
«I got it for 3000 $ and it was a great bargain. The farm is worth 4000 $ , -said the agent.
«Then how could you get it for 3000 $, -? Asked the Duke
«Because the farmer Jackson is in difficulties and needed money immediately, — said the agent.
«Go at once to farmer Jackson, — said the Duke, — and give him the other $ 1000. I do not want any bargain that was gained because a man is in difficulties.
Answer the questions
Was the price of the farm $ 3,000?

The price fo the farm was $ 4,000.
Will Farmer Jackson sell the farm?

The Farmer Jakson will sell the farm.
Were there fields round the farm?

There were fields round the farm.

Had the Duke a large estate in Berkshire?

The Duke had a large  estate in Berksire.
Is Berkshire a beautiful country?

Te Berksire is a beautiful country.
Is Berkshire in England?

The Berksire in England.
Was Farmer Jackson in difficulties?

 The Farmer Jakson was in difficulties.

   The Tramp
A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late at night. A man and a woman were walking past. One of them tapped him on the shoulder and asked.
«Excuse me! What’s the time? »
The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up.
«I do not know. I have not got a watch, said he angrily. And he went back to sleep.
Some time later another man was passing. He woke the tramp up and said,
«I am sorry to bother you but I wonder if you could tell me what time is it»
Again the tramp said that he did not know. He was now By very fed up, so he got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote I Do not Know What Is Time on it, and went back to sleep.
Half an hour later, a policeman was passing. He read the sign, woke up the tramp and said,
«It’s 2.30, sir.»
Answer the questions
What was doing a tramp late at night?

A tramp was sleeping.
Where he was sleeping?

A tramp was sleeping on a park bench.
Was it day or night?

It was night.
Who was walking past?

A man and a woman were walking past. 
Was he pleased by waking up?

The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up.
Did he have a watch?

The tramp have not got a watch.
What did the tramp do?

He got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote I Do not Know What Is Time on it, and went back to sleep.
What did he write on the paper?

I Do not Know What Is Time.
Who wake the tramp up?

The policeman wake up the trump.

What did the policeman say?

It’s 2.30, sir.
Complete the sentences
A tramp was sleeping on a park bench.

One of them tapped tapped him on the shoulder and asked.

The tramp was very annoyed at being woken up.

Some time later another man was passing.

Half an hour later, a policeman was passing. 

Read and write
Complete the story with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
Last night I slept very badly. I had a very strange dream. I was in a restaurant. I sat alone and read a newspaper. Suddenly I looked up and saw a man stared at me. I looked around and saw a lot of other people sat at tables near him. They laughed and smiled about something. The waiter came over to me. He began to smile. I asked him why he smiled. The other people began to laugh even louder. The waiter pointed to my legs. Then I understood why everybody laughed. I not wore any trousers.
Put in the right preposition on, to, at, in.
a chair: Sometimes you sit on a chair.
a picture: Sometimes you look in a picture.
a radio: Sometimes you listen to a radio.
a wordrobe: Sometimes you keep clothes in a  wordrobe.
a bed: Sometimes you sleep in a bad.
a table: Sometimes you put food on a table.

 Which is the right adjective?
1. All my friends know English … than me. a) better b) good c) best
2. One of my friends is the … student in the class. He does not like to study. a) bad b) worse c) worst
3. My school bag is … .than my friend’s bag. a) heavy b) heavier c) heaviest
4. I am the … dancer in the world. a) bad b) worse c) worst
5. My grandfather has a lot of books. But he has … books than we have in our school library. a) little b) less c) least
6. I am good at the … school subjects. a) many b) more c) most

Correct the best option

Use the correct prepositions to answer the questions below
Where do we sleep?      I sleep in the bed.

Where do we take a shower?         I take a shower in a bathroom.
Where do we watch television?        I watch TV in a living room.
Where do we eat?         I eat in a kitchen.
Where do we have a rest?—  I we have a rest in a bedroom
Which is not in the bathroom?
a) Mirror
b) Computer
c) Towel
Which is not in bedroom
a) A wordrobe
b) A toaster
c) A lamp
Which is not a piece of furniture?
a) A sofa
b) An armchair
c) A vase
Write a short essay.

A parrot a very beautiful and colorful bird.The parrots can talk.There are parrots of different form and colors.The parrots live fifteen years. I have two parrots.The boys name is a Kesha.It is a blue and white. The Kesha likes to play football very much.The girls name is a Nusha.It is a white and yellow.The Nusha likes listen to music.I love them.Every day I play with them.

Ամառային առաջադրանքներ մայրենի

Ամառվա ընթացքում ես  ընթերցել եմ Լեոնարդո  Դա վինչիի Հեքիաթներ ,լեգենդներ,առակները,Ավազակի դուստր Ռոնին և Վիլյամ Սարոյանի իմ անունը Արամ է :Դիտել եմ Շատ ֆիլմեր:

  Իմ առավոտը սկսվեց 

Իմ առավոտը սկսվեց ,ես արթնացա և հիշեցի իմ երազը:Երազումս ես տեսել էի մեր  քաղաքի ապագան:Մեր քաղաքի բոլոր ավտոմեքենաները առանց վարորդի էին և կարողանում էին թռչել:Մի սարք կար,մոտենում էիր նրան,ասում քո ուզած փողոցի անունը և նա քեզ  ուղեկցում էր դեպի քո ուզեցած փողոցը:Ամբողջ քաղաքը պատվածէր կանաչով,նույնիսկ շենքերը չէին երևում,իսկ  փողոցների երկայնքով  ծիրանի և նռան ծաղկած ծառեր էին:Բոլոր մարդիկ քաղաքում տեղից տեղ էին գնում  քայլելու հեծանիվներով և օդապարիկներով :Խանութներում չկային վաճառողներ ,բոլորը ռոբոտներ էին:Շատ կուզենաի,որ այս ամենը իրականաություն լիներ:


Ինչպիսի՞ երկրում կուզենայի ապրել 

Ես կուզենայի  ապրել այն երկրում,որտեղ շատ բույսեր կան:Մարդիկ շատ բարի են,իրար հետ չեն կռվում,բույսերն են խնամում,կենդանիներին են սիրում:Բոլոր մարդիկ իրենց շրջապատը մաքուր պահեին:Կուզենայի,որ բոլոր մարդիկ գնահատեին իրենց ունեցածը:Ծնողները այնքան շատ աշխատավարձ ստանային ,որ ոչ մի աղքատ երեխա չլիներ մեր երկրում:Մեծերը միշտ հասկանային երեխաներին և  չնեղացնեին:Բոլորը խաղաղ և ուրախ անցկացնեին իրենց կյանքը: 

Իմ հանգստի մասին կարող եք տեսնել `այստեղ:

Задания на лето

Я посмотрела мультфильм “Гора самоцветов” и узнала о многом.Я не знала ,что Россия такая большая ,где в одной части дети едут в школу,а в другом спят.Не знала, что в России есть очень много рек. Не знала ,что В Росиии есть больше тысячи городов ,что в городе Воронеж есть очень вкусный хлеб,в городе Вологда есть очень вкусное масло.Не знала что Россия дружит с Грузией.Узнала больше сказок.Оказывается ,что самая большая гора в Европе -это Эльбрус.В старые времена столицей России был Санкт-Петербург,а озеро Байкал самое глубокое и чистое озеро в нашей планете.Не знала что в городе Псков тоже есть Кремль.В корейских лесах растут самые большие ягоды,грибы и комари.

Я прочла сказки и стихи Самуила Маршака и Корнея Чуковского ,но больше всех мне понравились рассказы Николая Носова.Я прочитала ” О приключений Мишки и Вити”. Мне очень понравилась книга.Эти истории написал Николай Носов.Мне больше всех понравился рассказ “Мишкина каша”.Эти истории были очень смешными и приключенческими .Миша и Витя хотели сварить кашу,но у них не получилось и они попробовали что то сделать.Ещё мне понравился “Огородники “.Они вместо их огородов ,ночью работали над огородом других.

Ամառային առաջադրանքներ մաթեմատիկա

Անահիտը հաշվեց, որ իր և իր 2 քույրերի տարիքների գումարը հավասար է 16 ։ Որքա՞ն կլինի նրանց տարիքների գումարը 4 տարի անց:

ա) 20      բ)  24      գ)  26      դ)  28

Երիտասարդ մասնագետը 1 տարվա աշխատանքի դիմաց պետք է վարձատրվեր 2600 դոլար և մեկ մեքենա։ Սակայն նա դուրս եկավ աշխատանքից 8 ամիս անց և ստացավ մեքենան և 1000 դոլար։ Որքա՞ն արժեր մեքենան։

1) 2400 դոլար      2)  հնարավոր չէ որոշել      3)  2000 դոլար      4)  2200 դոլար

Քանի՞ հնգանիշ բնական թիվ կա, որոնց թվանշանների գումարը հավասար է 2-ի:

 5 թիվ:

Հինգ արկղերում միասին կա 77 կգ մանդարին։ Առաջինում և երկրորդում միասին կա 15 կգ, երկրորդ և երրորդում միասին կա 35 կգ, երրորդ և չորրորդում միասին՝ 40 կգ,չորրորդ և հինգերորդում միասին՝ 32 կգ։ Յուրաքանչյուր արկղում քանի՞ կգ մանդարին կա:

1-10        2-53      3-30       4-10   5-22
Տիկին Ասլանյանը տանից մինչև ամառանոց ճանապարհի կեսը քշեց 45 կմ/ժ արագությամբ, իսկ մյուս կեսը՝ 90 կմ/ժ արագությամբ։ Նա ամբողջ ճանապարհի վրա ծախսեց 3 ժամ։ Քանի՞ կիլոմետր է տանից մինչև ամառանոց հեռավորությունը։


Երբ Վարդանը գնացքով անցավ ամբողջ ճանապարհի կեսը, պառկեց քնելու։ Երբ արթնացավ նկատեց, որ մնացել է այն ճանապարհի կեսի չափ ճանապարհ, որը նա անցել է քնած։ Այն ճանապարհը, որը Վարդանը անցել է քնած, քանի՞ անգամ է փոքր ամբողջ ճանահարհից։

4 անգամ:

10 -ից մինչև 100 բնական թվերը գրելիս քանի՞ անգամ է օգտագործվում 4 թվանշանը: 

10 անգամ:

Երեք պահեստ միասին ստացան ինչ-որ քանակի կարտոֆիլ։ Առաջին և երկրորդ պահեստները միասին ստացան 400 տ, երկրորդ և երրորդ պահեստները միասին՝ 300 տ, իսկ առաջինն ու երրորդը միասին՝ 440 տ: Քանի՞ տոննա կարտոֆիլ ստացավ յուրաքանչյուր պահեստը։


4 եղբայր միասին ունեն 45 ընկույզ։ Եթե առաջին եղբոր ընկույզների քանակն ավելացնենք 2 -ով, երկրորդինը՝ փոքրացնենք 2 -ով, երրորդինը՝ մեծացնենք 2 անգամ և չորրորդինը փոքրացնենք 2 անգամ, ապա բոլորի ունեցած ընկույզների քանակը կհավասարվի։ Քանի՞ ընկույզ ուներ եղբայրներից յուրաքանչյուրն ի սկզբանե։

Նարնջագույն ներկ ստանալու համար անհրաժեշտ է վերցնել 6 մաս դեղին և 2 մաս կարմիր ներկեր։ 3 կգ կարմիր և 3 կգ դեղին ներկերից, քանի՞ կգ նարնջագույն ներկ կարելի է ստանալ։

1կգ +3 կգ =4կգ: